The EQUIPT study is now complete.

The findings were discussed in the End of the Project Conference – Counting the benefit of investing in evidence-based tobacco control in Europe (Brussels, 27 Sept 2016).



The following deliverables are available as peer reviewed journal articles or project reports. Further analyses are being pursued as scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. Watch this space!

NEW!! Model-based economic evaluations in smoking cessation and their transferability to new contexts: a systematic review (download from external site)


EQUIPT Study Protocol (download from external site)

Results from the EQUIPT Stakeholder Survey (download from external site)

Stakeholders’ intention to use a return on investment (ROI) tool ( download from external site)

Spanish stakeholders’ views about Tobacco ROI tool (download from external site)

EQUIPT ROI Tool Excel version v 2-80-9 (download or Zipped download)

EQUIPT ROI Tool Excel version User Guide  (download)

EQUIPT ROI Tool Excel version Video User Guide (watch on YouTube)

EQUIPT ROI Tool Web version (visit the page)

EQUIPT ROI Tool Web version description (download)

EQUIPT ROI Tool Web version User Guide (download)

EQUIPT Model Technical Manual (download)

EQUIPT Model Technical Manual Annex ENGLAND (download)

EQUIPT Model Technical Manual Annex GERMANY (download)

EQUIPT Model Technical Manual Annex HUNGARY (download)

EQUIPT Model Technical Manual Annex NETHERLANDS (download)

EQUIPT Model Technical Manual Annex SPAIN (download)

Tobacco Control Comparative Effectiveness Report (download)

Tobacco Control Policy Proposals (download)

Policy and Media Briefs (download)

End of the Project Conference Abstracts (download)